Lansing Board of Water & Light


Low-income Rate Assistance

Home Heating Credit
A state tax credit to assist low-income families living in Michigan with the cost of heating their homes. The Credit is based on household income, the number of exemptions claimed and the home's actual heating costs. Special exemptions may be available to customers 65 and older and to people with disabilities. Obtain forms in late January from: Your tax preparer or wherever other tax forms are provided; download the forms from the Michigan Department of Treasury Web site (see below) or call The Michigan Department of Treasury at 1-800-827-4000. Applications, E-filing and more informtaion is available at:,1607,7-215-33210---,00.html

State Emergency Relief (SER)
SER provides limited help to households with low income who have an emergency that threatens their health or safety. Covered services include home heating, electric and utility bills. Applications are available at the following website:,1607,7-215-33211-106339--,00.html
Contact your local DHS office for more information or an application,,1607,7-124-5461---,00.html


Winter Protection Plan
Protects low-income customers and all seniors age 65 and older from service shutoff December 1 - March 31. Low-income customers pay 7 percent of their estimated annual bill plus a portion of any other amount they owe during the shutoff protection period. To apply, contact your natural gas or electric utility company or alternative electric supplier.

Emergency Charitable Assistance

Please note these charitable funds are last resort emergency funds with limited resources and limited times of operation.

Pennies for Power Program
Customer donations fund the Pennies for Power Program that provides utility shutoff protection for low-income families in the Lansing area.

The Heat and Warmth Fund (THAW)
An independent non-profit organization, THAW distributes funds for bill-payment assistance across the state and promotes energy conservation, weatherization and energy efficiency education. THAW partners with several utility companies, who provide funding to administer and operate the program. Most match customer and other donations dollar for dollar and all contributions go directly to low-income bill payments.

The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army provides utility assistance throughout the State of Michigan. Over 120 caseworkers, working at more than 90 service locations, help families pay their utility bills in order to get through crisis.  The Salvation Army receives in-person requests throughout the year during normal weekday hours, as well as telephone inquiries and referrals from other human service agencies.  It provides a holistic approach to meet more than just the utility need—including budget counseling, food, rental assistance, and emotional support as necessary. Contact your local Salvation Army at or

Page last updated: September 9, 2013